Rake​-​Off in twenty sixteen

by Rake-Off

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released October 10, 2016




Rake-Off Lazio, Italy

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Track Name: Rake Stomp
Here's your rake-off. Take or leave it!
Track Name: Coffin and tv
Sinking everyday in your wealth
Misleading yourself that you having fun
Your brain is gone, your mind is off

Ring the bell, straight to home prepare the snacks, monkeying around with tv

A daily defeat, shaped to be weak
commercials rule your world
your brain is gone

A face-off with real life
Nothing special so boring and daft
Rise up there’s only one chance
It’s not a show it’s time to wake up

Entertainment and fake life
Coffin and nails this is TV time!

A daily defeat, shaped to be weak
commercials rule your world
your brain is gone
Track Name: Get free or die
Welldone bro you worked so hard
Tied to that chair life doesn’t pass so fast
To enrich someone who bought your time
You’ve really sold yourself to survive

You must break the chains on your wrists
get free or die
Fight against the ones who bring you to your knees
get free or die trying

Forced to chase common dreams
Struggling for nothing, to climb up in rank
Empty promises is what you have

Empty promises is what you have
trashing your time climbing the ranks
When you will reach the first fake prize
their common dreams will bury you alive
Track Name: Above the law
You carry on stealing from earth
All collapses but not your laws
You have your lawyers, you think you’re safe
I’m so sorry but your money cannot cover your mistakes
We are cheated by your game!
Show up yourself for what you are
My anger is here you’re not so far

It’s time to talk of our freedom and its cost
from your list that word remains crossed off
Show no mercy, there’s no gain
The wind is changing, it’s going to blow you away

Get ready to pay you must clash with your mistakes
Get ready to pay face to face with our rage

It’s time to talk of your reasons most of all
Why those choices and what are you looking for?
It could be power, maybe respect
times are changing, it’s time to pay the check

You carry on stealing from earth
No regrets for what you’ve done
You have your lawyers, you have your game
every choice you made nothing will remains
Track Name: Anthropogeny
The Blood of mother earth is burning
the colours fizzle out replaced by your grazing

We are chocking in this fire age

The extinction train is running fast
feeding the oceans with our scrap

They forced us to think this is a rational future
Just lies

Maybe there won’t be tomorrows
Pollution is our grave
Maybe there’s another path to follow
Now or never we must change
Track Name: Too big for you
You keep talking about this shit
Filling your mouth with ambiguity
You think you can set the rules but this game is
Too big for you
The way you act, harmful ego

Those words, your stories mean nothing, wasted fucking time
In this game there’s no glory no profit, it’s time to change your style

You should try to change the rules but this game is
Too big for you

You misunderstood the sense of this
It’s the opposite of what you think
The way you act the things you say
Harmful ego!
Your words, your stories
Wasted fucking time
Track Name: At first
Grow up is searching for new ways
Only when you cover them
You realize the right was the first one
The first and the only one
You can change your clothes, you can cut your hair
But the feeling never changes

A common source many years have passed better days are gone
A common source we are here like the first time again

We’ve grown up with empty pockets
In ghost towns with empty streets
If it sounds like a set phrase
I hope you’ll never have to taste this shit

Many years have passed, a common source like the first time
Track Name: Cassock
I don’t nedd your redemption,
you call it grace I say holy shit
Stay away I don’t need your bliss

Matter of money, a piece of heaven to everyone
Lies sweet like honey caught in the throat it is so rough
No one can talk about your crimes
code of silence is your way to survive

Vultures dressed like saviors
Ready to give us the last straw and tear us apart
A golden safe to lift the soul
A golden cage to earn more and more

A lot of words to judge us
and tear us apart
Track Name: Get fat
Brand new tears on their faces trampled on everyday
Locked up but not guilty scared to survive at this days
Behind the walls your naked greed
Make them suffer! But you don’t want to hear
and if you think it's not weird
From their first steps they start to scream
and the worst has yet to come

Face the facts and see what they saw
You’re growing stronger in pain and shouts
You should feel what they fell and then say I want more, asshole!